Hi, I'm Fletcher

I'm 3/4 miniature schnauzer, 1/4 poodle. I live in North Delta, BC, Canada and I love car rides and my brother. Say hello to Fletch.

Herrrrooowww, Friends! I'm Fibs

I run an Instagram account for my brother and me, with some help from my mom! Say hello to Fibs.

Hi, I'm Brad Reimer

And this is my site where I talk about schnauzers, software, and whatever else I find interesting. Cheers!

About Me

I'm currently a Technical Director, defining and executing on a technical roadmap for the content creation experience in the Frostbite Engine.

Work Experience

As a Technical Director I oversee several applications and services, focusing on:
  • Asset management
  • Asset workflows
  • Common editor workflows
  • Editor extensibility
  • Optimizing and profiling tools
  • Application setup and configuration
Previously I worked as a Senior Technical Product Manager, identifying opportunities and steering the roadmap for the end-to-end content creation experience in the Frostbite Engine.

Before that I worked as a Senior Software Engineer developing central tools and technology.
  • Creating the content database used across EA
  • Developing reusable patterns and components for editors
  • Creating animation editor experience like an interactive 3D scene, live edit, replay buffer, and streaming diagnostics
  • Maintaining a propriatary 3D file format and the ecosystem of import, export, and scripting tools that surround it


University of British Columbia
B.S. Combined Physics & Computer Science


Software Developer: C# • C++ • WPF • SQL
Analytics: Power BI • Azure App Insights